August in the Vegetable Garden


The Busy Busy Starts This Month.

Need to get finished preparing your planting beds, containers, seeds planted in flats or pots for transplanting FAST!

It's still waaaay hot out there for your cool weather loving plants, but it is time to start getting your heat loving fall garden vegetables plants in the ground this month.  Some will be transplants and some will be seeds.

Next month you will plant the last of your warm weather plants (there still are a bunch of them that can go in the garden in September) and a LOT more of the cool weather plants. So be sure to have your veggie beds ready.

Most herbs can be planted now

Might try planting some Malabar spinach if you have a very warm protected area, or plant it in a container so that it can be moved to a warm/hot area later in the season

You can transplant fruit trees and bushes growing in containers into the ground  now

Out in the garden you can start planting the following veggies


  • Beans - Pole - pole beans take a little longer to produce and they produce over a longer period of time so we plant them earlier than bush beans (seeds)
  • Corn (seeds)
  • Eggplant (transplants)
  • Southern Peas (seeds)
  • Peppers (transplants)
  • Pumpkin (seeds or transplants)
  • Summer Squash (seeds or transplants)
  • Tomato - last of the month (transplants)
  • Winter Squash (seeds or transplants)
  • Watermelon (seeds or transplants)
  • Sweet potatoes - IF YOU DO IT RIGHT NOW (slips or rooted cuttings)
  • Okra - IF YOU DO IT RIGHT NOW (seeds, pre-sprouted seeds, or transplants)
  • Malabar spinach - IF YOU DO IT RIGHT NOW like mentioned above (seeds or rooted cuttings)


  • Broccoli -(seeds or transplants)
  • Celery (seeds or transplants)
  • Collards (seeds or transplants)
  • Onion - Multiplier and Bunching (but not bulbing onions) (plants, seeds, sets)

July in the Vegetable Garden


Chances are your garden is looking pretty pitiful about now.  The lovely rain, heat, humidity combined with the slower pace has made everything grow... plants as well as bugs and disease organisms. Rain has been a bit spotty this year so your garden may get a good watering then get a bit droughty and need watering, then rain, drought, water... Puts a lot of stress on your plants.

This isn't a bad thing though.  It's the end of our season and the timing is perfect.  It's a signal that it's time to start preparing for your fall and winter garden.  Seriously.

Fall planting starts in August.  There's just enough time to get prepared for it.

Rip out everything that's not healthy, growing well, and producing.

Add amendments to your soil to build it up - good stuff, organic matter… not chemicals.

Fluff that soil and keep it moist and let the microbes get to work making everything fertile.

Could try some solarization to kill off bad juju stuff in the soil (clear plastic on moist soil with the edges anchored down and left to 'cook' in the sun for 6 weeks or so)

I'm using the bacillus thuringiensis israelensis in my soil for nematodes (they're baaaaack.... no nematodes evident where I've used Bti) (click here to find out about purchasing)

It's time to be getting any seeds for plants you want in your fall/winter garden.  You will need to be starting them soon so that they will be just the right size for transplanting when the time comes - things like tomatoes and peppers and melons.

I've got LOTS of work to do out there and I knooooow you do too.  Remember to work early or late and stay hydrated and don't get too much sun - try a wide brimmed hat.  The right hat looks lovely on you ladies and a Panama hat is oh so handsome on you gents.


  • Absolutely NONE


  • Okra (seeds or transplants)
  • Southern peas – black-eyed, crowder, purple hulled, yardlong (also called asparagus bean) (seeds)
  • Sweet potatoes (slips from potatoes or rooted cuttings)
  • Peanuts (seeds)
  • Malabar and New Zealand spinach – which aren’t spinaches but are good substitutes in hot weather (seeds or rooted cuttings)
  • Other miscellaneous TROPICAL fruits and vegetables that you may come across