August in the Vegetable Garden

Time's finally here!  Let the fall garden planting begin!

It's still waaaay hot out there so it's time to plant the heat loving fall garden vegetables this month.  Some will be transplants and some will be seeds.

Here we go with the list

Warm Weather Plants

  • Beans, pole - pole beans take a little longer to produce and produce over a longer period of time so we plant them earlier than bush beans
  • Corn
  • Eggplant (transplants)
  • Southern peas
  • Peppers (transplants)
  • Pumpkin
  • Summer Squash
  • Winter Squash
  • Watermelon
  • [Tomato - (transplants) some say yes, some say wait]

Cool Weather Plants

  • Broccoli - transplants or seeds
  • Celery
  • Collards
  • Onion, multiplier and bunching

Next month you will plant the last of your warm weather plants (there still are a bunch of them that can go in the garden in September) and a LOT more of the cool weather plants.  So be sure to have your veggie beds ready.

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9 Responses to August in the Vegetable Garden

  1. Skip says:

    With respect to the question of “when to plant,” would you consider a half-runner bean to be a pole bean or bush bean?

    • J Jackson says:

      I would consider them a bush… BUT, because they can produce over a longer period than a bush if their runners are trellised, I would consider planting them somewhere in between the planting times of pole and bush.

  2. Jo Ann Lapp says:

    Thank you for all your help. I’m following your guidelines and hopefully my garden will do better. I appreciate your newsletter.

  3. L Frazier says:

    Finally…information on when to start seeds for transplants and when to plant in Central Florida! I have been using the “try and fail” method by following information from books, county extension office (too conservative to get an actual harvest!), and other gardening websites. As much as their information has made me knowledgeable, it has hurt as far as planting times! Thank you so much for your timely sharing and chart! I have not been very lucky with seed starting mix, and have some coco pellets (shaped like little dirt tornadoes) and mats. I am having different results with different types of plants. I have grow lights in the garage for seed starting with heat mats for winter. I am not having any luck with lettuces, onion, endive, cabbage, or such small seeds – do you have any suggestions for me? Is there a type of soil that is best for starting these seeds? The coco and mats work great for peppers and tomato seeds! I cherish your site and truly appreciate your real and useful information for us Central Floridian struggling gardeners! :)

  4. Joanne says:

    I have a fennel plant that I planted a month ago. It is doing good and I have decided to let it flower and hopefully get more plants from the natural scattering of seeds. When does fennel plants usually emerge. I have in a partially sunny place. Should I move it?

    • J Jackson says:

      Fennel is grown as a perennial here in zone 9. It is likely that it will flower in the spring. Now, early winter, and spring are great times to plant the seeds, and a natural time for the self sewn seeds to come up. They do like sun, but may do ok in your partially sunny place. You’ll just have to try it and see.

  5. Cecilia Traina says:

    What vegetable seeds can I plant now in Central Florida?

    • J Jackson says:

      The ‘September In The Vegetable Garden’ post has a list of what can be planted now.

  6. Andy Rudzik says:

    I used to spend long hours with my grandmother outdoors. She had a beautiful flower garden along with her very large vegetable garden. Though she was a farmer’s wife and had to spend a lot of time helping out with the family business, she made time to tend to both of her gardens. Her vegetable garden was not only a labor of love; it was something that helped them through the winter. The more they could can, the more money they saved when milk production was low and the money was not as good as it should have been.^”

    Catch you around

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