April in The Vegetable Garden

April Showers

Another near winterless year for most of us.  Plants are loving it... so are the bugs and diseases.  With no cold weather kill-off, seems like they are getting a major head start.  Spider mites, thrips, aphids, powdery mildew, early blight - just to mention a few - have made themselves at home for many weeks already. With Summer coming on, rain, humidity and heat will be adding to the bug and disease arsonal.

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April's list is stingy.


  • NONE


  • Beans - bush, pole, lima
  • Cantaloupes
  • Okra
  • Southern peas - crowder, black-eyed, yard long...
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Malabar spinach

4 thoughts on “April in The Vegetable Garden

  1. I have a square foot garden that is emptydue to tiny white flying bugs living in or on top of the soil. I have been spraying with neem , thought they were gone went to plant and they’re back!
    What else can I do to get rid of them for good.

    • Terri… ‘sounds’ like these may be springtails (they don’t fly, but they do ‘spring’… hence the name). They live on and in the soil eating decaying organic matter. They don’t hurt your plants. And Neem doesn’t control them. They prefer/must have moist soil… so control is by letting the soil become dryer.

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